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We are building the future of digital assets

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Turn your funds into a fortune

We provide secure and reliable digital assets trading and services

Financial security

Comprehensive financial risk management system and anti-theft system, hot and cold wallets, multi-signature system to ensure the safety of your funds.

Fast loading

Withdrawals can be completed in as little as 10 minutes and 24/7 manual online audits ensure customers never miss the best investment opportunities.

Excellent global service

Covering a global business service network allows us to invest in global crypto resources and trade with global users. We propose the optimal investment plan to minimize costs and maximize profits.

Professional picks of assets

Our team of traders and investors select high-quality encryption projects and filter out 80% of high-risk projects. We are innovative and have long been driven by our core values - Integrity, Professionalism, Loyalty and Service.

Millions of people use Biz Holding to diversify their portfolios

We are here for you - For ever - For good

Biz Holding is a fully functional and highly regulated holdings company


Available in over 70 countries

On a goal to build frictionless marketplaces, we are a team of more than 1000 energetic, entrepreneurial technologists, traders, and engineers. We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Digital Assets

Commitment to customer satisfaction, no excuses

We serve as liquidity providers and network validators for more than 70 apps and networks while operating at the heart of markets. By offering services for infrastructure, finance, trading, and investing in digital assets, we generate wealth for clients of all sizes.


In order to create, trade, gather, and invest in digital assets, we support businesses, institutions, and individuals. We envision a future in which individuals are given the freedom to manage their personal finances and creative endeavors while also respecting regulations.



From the beginning, Biz Holding has made wealth security of customers a top priority. We have never compromised.

You're covered

We ensure compliance to make investing safe and easy.

Invest and Trade in seconds
Get advanced assets with low fees
Invest your money when you spend
Earn at Safe Returns on assets
Access one of the world's largest, fastest growing and most liquid markets

We are creating the digital assets of the future

— We focus on providing seamless security solutions to protect your assets. —


The components needed to enable trading, growth, payments, and account management are all included in our modular technology stack. Merge and match the solutions and products that are best for your organization.
Hundreds of committed engineers work on our teams, which are stationed all over the world, to support our partners in doing what they do best: providing services to clients, players, and fans. Working on authentic, difficult, and enjoyable projects, we collaborate with partners ranging from small startups to big businesses and franchises.

Market Access

We offer each TT-connected trade high-performance market data and order routing through our data centers.


We've been creating networks, installing, and operating trading applications for more than 20 years.

Our System

The performance and high availability requirements of professional traders are built into our system just for you.

We collaborate with e-wallets, payment processors, exchanges, and brands among other partners to deliver fully integrated solutions and products that are supported by blockchain-enabled tools and technology.


In order to make markets more accessible and effective, BIZHOLDING was created with this idea in mind. We employ a hands-on methodology and create technologies and applications that excite us. Reach out if you're building anything and are looking for a partner.